Concluding: My Creative Process

Today is Monday. Monday brings the illusion of spare time.

“I think I’ll write a blog post to fill all this spare time I have”.

With just over 3 weeks to go until we move back to the UK I find myself with consistently mixed feelings. As predicted both me and Nic are so sad to leave people that we love and have adopted the naive position of assuming there cant be people as cool as where we are now (as we did before meeting these very same people). Idiots!

I’m currently busy working on videos and graphics for after we leave in the hope Evangel doesn’t fall into a media staved coma (which would presumably end in the collapse of Canadian Christianity as we know it). Thankfully I’m still learning so much and have had some great opportunities to sit at the feet of some real experts in media and leadership. On this topic I was dwelling on the tag line from a media conference I went to called Create, ‘Don’t just copy, Create’. Whilst I agree with not copying as part of a creative process I have gained a great deal by imitating styles I see in professional work. I also think that by doing so I can stay in line with design trends. I think the best middle ground I have found is to collect inspiration from work I find exciting before embarking on my creative process. I can then study what I like about the things I have collected and put them away to create from the ideas and inspiration I have.

Bit of an unusual little post but I’ve been thinking about this for a while (may as well write it).


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