It’s been some time since I added anything here which is purely down to laziness. However it would be wrong not to include a comment on my experience over the last couple of months.

On Saturday 23rd March I started having some pain in my stomach, I was up all night with it and went in to hospital the next day. The doctors discovered that I had an inflamed appendix and transferred me to another hospital for surgery. By the time I got into theatre the appendix had ruptured. Despite the complications added by the rupture, the operation went well and I expected to be out within a few days. 4 days later I was still in quite a bit of pain and not recovering, after a few x-rays and a CAT scan the doctors discovered I had a ruptured stomach ulcer. I went in for surgery that day which was a success.

Over the next 2 weeks I had to have 5 drains inserted to remove fluid (one of which punctured my lung). The recovery process was scary at times but supported by God, my family and friends I made it out and started the recovery process at home. I am now almost back to normal (still taking it a little steadier) and thankful to God for all he taught me through the experience and his faithfulness in leading me through.

Mum, Dad, Nicola, Jeremy, Jonathan, Shelly, Psegga, Herve, Lennox, Rosanna and the staff at St Mary’s Hospital. Thank-you.

To everyone who sent kind and encouraging words and cards. Thank-you.


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