New Year Update

So, It’s a new year and with that there have been several changes at the church. With a couple of staff members leaving and some new faces, me and Nicola have been blessed with several new opportunities.

Nicola has now taken over running the church’s outreach to the local homeless community. This is involves getting a team together to head out into the surrounding area and bless the homeless people with a hot drink and a chat. She’ll also have the opportunity to expand this ministry over the year to try and meet more of the need. I’m stoked to see how the ministry develops and will post updates.

Whilst she’s been getting involved with that I have been working closely with the churches youth pastor to develop his vision of a ‘passionate community’. The hope is that through the year we can encourage the youth to bond in a meaningful, godly way which leads to a group which is passionate about God and passionate about others. Even after just two weeks God has really started to move amongst some of the young people and with some sweet ideas brewing, I’m excited to see how it develops in the next few months.

In other news, I got 4 hats for Christmas!

Thanks for reading,

Bless you.


FunFact3: Montreal has more than 18 miles of underground shopping streets.

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